Each new knife (subject to the Terms of Service the word “knife” shall also include axes and other models sold by us) from Roselli Oy is covered by a lifetime warranty. 

The blade, tip and edge are parts of a knife which normally are exposed to wear and tear, these parts are not covered by our lifetime warranty unless it’s obvious that the damage is a result of a defect in material or manufacturing. We will only repair or replace products that we believe have any of these defects. The lifetime warranty excludes damage caused by abusive use and misuse, accident, self-repair, damage due to batoning, tampering or dismantling.

If the knife or axe is defective in terms of material or manufacturing, we will repair it for free or replace it with an identical product or with one of equivalent value if the model has been discontinued.

A wide range of our products consist of handcrafted components made from organic materials, i.e. wooden handles or leather sheaths. The customer is therefore aware that minor deviations, between the product delivered and the product displayed at the website, might occur. Such deviations are not covered by our lifetime warranty unless the product is apparently erroneously manufactured. 

If the lifetime warranty is applicable, Roselli Oy will pay for the shipping cost when providing you with a new product. The lifetime warranty does not give right to a refund.