What is the Roselli Refurbished Program?

How does it work?

1. If you’re interested in recycling your knife or axe, fill in the form below.

2. Once you’ve filled in the form and given us information about your knife or axe, we will send you an Evaluation Certificate including our price proposal that requires your approval.

3. After you approve the purchase price we offer you, the next step is to ship your knife or axe to us. See all shipping details below.

How do I receive my voucher/payment?

1. When we’ve received your Roselli and everything is confirmed according to the Evaluation Certificate, you will receive your voucher.

2. Your voucher will be sent to the same email address you’ve contacted us with. The voucher can only be used at www.roselli.fi. The voucher can not be used at any of our resellers. The validity of the voucher is 2 years from the date of issue.

How do I ship my Roselli?

1. Wrap and pack your product securely
Put your knife or axe fully wrapped in cardboard before packing it in a box to protect it during shipping. A padded envelope may work for smaller models. Check so that your knife or axe is secure and protected within the package.

2. Shipping to us
We recommend that all products posted to us are sent with a certified, trackable receipt. Note! Roselli is not responsible for any loss or disappearance when shipping to us.

Mark the shipment with:
Roselli Refurbished
Phone number

Ship your product to:
Roselli Oy
Rosellintie 1
17780 Harmoinen

If you ship from outside the EU
For customs purpose, please mark your package clearly with: “Knife Refurbished”, HS Code 82 11 92 00, Country of origin Finland”