Q&A with Carry

My biggest words for me to you are: Be brave. Be brave to step out of secure borders in order to accomplish your dreams. No matter how big or small they might be. Don’t be afraid of failing or what could go wrong. There is no right or wrong. Every decision will get you somewhere. You can do it!

Someone once said to me my totem animal is a magpie. I think that fits well in some parts. They eat pretty much everything from seeds to squirrels. They are sociable and quite clever when it comes to sourcing food and surviving.

A hearty and warm dish, like a vegetable stew with lentils and rice would be my one to go with.

For quite some time now I have this dream of doing a long distance hike for several weeks. No named trek in particular, rather creating my own route. This I would love to do in the North (Norway, Sweden, Finland) or Eastern Europe, which is less travelled and visited yet, but a place that has a lot to offer.