What to give mom for Mother's Day? The ultimate gift guide!

What to give mom for Mother's Day? The ultimate gift guide!

The ultimate Roselli's gift guide for Mother's Day

As Mother's Day approaches, it's time to celebrate the woman who has nurtured us with boundless love and care. This year, why not express your gratitude with a gift from Roselli? Our collection of premium knives and tools not only offers practicality but also embodies the warmth and craftsmanship that every mother deserves. Join us to explore some fantastic gift ideas to make your mom's day even more special.


For cooking enthusiasts

Is your mom the queen of the kitchen, whipping up delicious meals with passion and flair? Treat her to Roselli's exquisite selection of kitchen knives. From classic chef's knives to specialized tools for every culinary task, our range combines beauty with functionality to elevate her cooking experience to new heights.

Santoku knife  – Crafted for precision in cooking, this knife ensures every slice is made with perfection. (BUY IT HERE)

Allround knife – Versatile and durable, a must-have for various kitchen tasks.(BUY IT HERE)

Small Chef knife – Perfect for both indoor and outdoor culinary needs. (BUY IT HERE)

For the outdoor adventurer

If your mom finds solace in nature's embrace, equip her for her next adventure with Roselli's handcrafted axes. Built for durability and precision, our axes are the perfect companion for camping trips, hiking excursions, or tending to the garden. Give her the tools she needs to explore the great outdoors with confidence and style.


Axe short handle, gift box edition – Experience the wilderness with style and practicality. (BUY IT HERE)


Axe short handle, red elm – Crafted from beautiful red elm for quality outdoor performance. (BUY IT HERE)

Roselli's handmade Finnish outdoor axe

For the gardening enthusiast

Does your mom have a green thumb and a love for all things botanical? Help her cultivate her garden oasis with Roselli's range of garden knives. Our sturdy pruning tools are designed to handle any gardening task with ease, ensuring that her plants thrive and bloom beautifully under her care.

Grandmother knife – Compact and versatile, perfect for gardening tasks. (BUY IT HERE)

Roselli's handmade little pocket knife

Bear Claw knife – Provides excellent control and maneuverability for precision gardening.  (BUY IT HERE)

Carpenter knife – Inspired by traditional carving knives, ideal for outdoor tasks. (BUY IT HERE)


For the hunting mom

Is your mom counting down the days until hunting season starts, itching to hit the trails and track her prey? Our hunting knives are crafted with precision and durability in mind, making them the perfect companion for any hunting adventure. Whether she's tracking game or field dressing her catch, our knives are tailored to meet the needs of the modern hunting mom.

Hunting knife – Designed for handling larger game with precision. (BUY IT HERE)


Carpenter knife, UHC – Versatile and reliable for smaller game hunting. (BUY IT HERE)

Opening knife with round tip, silver ferrule – Designed for safe and hygienic game handling. (BUY IT HERE)

For the mom that loves fishing

Whether your mom enjoys casting her line in the serene waters of a lake or reeling in a big catch on the open sea, our fishing knives are essential tools for any fishing enthusiast. Crafted from high-quality materials and engineered for precision, our knives offer unmatched performance on the water, ensuring that every fishing trip is a success.

Small Fish knife – Versatile and durable for handling fish, it also floats. (BUY IT HERE)

Carpenter knife, UHC – Offers versatility and sharpness for fishing environments. (BUY IT HERE)

Fillet knife – Ensures clean and efficient filleting of any catch. (BUY IT HERE)

For the style-savvy mom

Upgrade your mom's outdoor style with our sleek accessories, combining fashion with function.

Roselli Trucker Cap – Keep Mom stylish and protected from the sun. (BUY IT HERE)

Roselli Beanie, Blue – Add elegance to any look with this soft beanie. (BUY IT HERE)

Roselli Hunting Beanie – Combines style and functionality for outdoor adventures. (BUY IT HERE)

Roselli Leather Key Chain – Accessorize in style with our premium leather key chain. (BUY IT HERE)

Roselli Enamel Mug – Enjoy your favorite beverages in style. (BUY IT HERE)

Psst! Don't forget that all our knives and axes can be engraved, for free! 

This Mother's Day, let a gift from Roselli serve as a token of gratitude for all the love and care she has bestowed upon you over the years. Happy Mother's Day!

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