April 26, 2023 2 min read

What is batoning?

"Batoning" is a technique for splitting or cutting wood using a knife. It involves using a baton or another piece of wood to strike the spine of the knife blade, driving it into the wood you're trying to split or cut. The baton allows you to apply more force to the knife, making it easier to cut through thicker or harder pieces of wood. Batoning can be a useful technique for outdoor activities like camping or survival situations where you need to create kindling or fuel for a fire. However, it's important to use caution and proper safety techniques when using a knife for any kind of cutting or chopping activity.

How can you harm the knife when batoning?

Batoning can be a useful technique for splitting or cutting wood using a knife, but if done improperly, it can potentially harm the knife. Here are a few ways that batoning could potentially damage your knife.

Blade damage: If you use too much force or strike the knife at the wrong angle, you could damage the blade, causing it to chip, crack, or even break. This can make the knife unsafe to use and potentially ruin it. 

Handle damage: If you strike the knife handle or pommel too hard or repeatedly, it could cause damage to the handle material or loosen the tang, which could make the knife unsafe to use or even cause the blade to detach from the handle.

Safety hazards: Batoning can create safety hazards if you're not careful. For example, if the wood you're trying to split or cut is not stable, it could shift or roll, causing the knife to slip and potentially injure you or others nearby.

To minimize the risk of harm to your knife while batoning, it's important to use a knife that is suitable for the task, we recommend a knife from our Full tang collection, and to use proper technique. You should also inspect the wood you're working with to ensure it's stable and use a stable base to work on. Finally, be sure to use protective gear like gloves and eye protection to reduce the risk of injury. 

NOTE: All our knives come with a lifetime warranty but the lifetime warranty excludes damage caused by abusive use and misuse, accident, self-repair, damage due to batoning, tampering or dismantling. Therefore please follow these recommendations above. 

Good luck and stay safe! 

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