Anders Petersen Bruun

Hårlev, Denmark

My name is Anders and I’m a 33 year old with a bachelors in social education, with 12 years experience working with children and adults with special needs. The later years of that carreer was spent getting as many hours in nature as I could, teaching nature and outdoor skills to all who’s attention I could steal. I’ve changed careers since, and now practice and teach outdoor skills in my free time and do flooring as a regular job. I have a wife and son, and I drag them along for all the outdoor adventures they can muster.

My passion for teaching outdoorskills are rooted in the belief that the skills you practice, leads to success, and then, growth. I try to teach that if you continue to seek challenges in skills, you will succeed and you will grow. Grow to be more skillfull, grow to love learning and grow to find confidence and solace in nature.

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Q&A with Anders

What’s your words to live by/ motto?

I try to incorporate this motto in my daily, but it becomes most prevalent and clear when I’m outdoors.

“Don’t be stubborn, but be persistent”.

It is a term me and my camping buddy from school coined, when our firesteel or tinder wasn’t producing a fire. Maybe we had wet tinder, or not enough, and the wrong kind. And after trying without a glimmer of success, we would agree that we shouldn’t be stubborn.

It’s the “don’t give up” mantra, but with more steps. Fire isn’t working with a specific tinder? Give up on it, don’t get stubborn with that piece of
tinder. Rework it, examine why it isn’t working and then make it better, or scrap it and find another tinder. Be persistent in your quest, but don’t back yourself into a corner. Something isn’t working, regroup and rework the angle.

If you have the oppertunity to visit any place worldwide, where would it be and why?

I would visit Island, vast open plains, beautiful scenery, unpredictable weather, hikes, isolation, challenges. There is a lot a reasons I would visit it, but the biggest reason is the difference in scenery from the great forest of Scandinavia.

You are going out in nature for a day and get to only bring 5 things, what would it be?

I would bring, a knife, my poncho, a ham and cheese sandwich with a bottomless earl grey thermos and my camera.

3 great tips in life from Anders

Don’t be stubborn! Seek challenges, and practice the most important skill of all: Talk about what is difficult, about you, others and all the feelings that hinder that relation.

What's your outdoor story?

I’ve always been outdoors. Grew up on a farm, 100 meters from a massive spruce forest, but it was only in my adult life when I finished my education and landed my first job, that I could fund my outdoor interest, and had the time to do so. First it was just taking rides on my bike, and going camping.

Then it turned into a passion for skills, gear and being creative with films, pictures and editing. I love the creative aspects of using and teaching skills, and creating content about it, in an entertaining way. I was heavily inspired by Danish outdoor people on Instagram, and viewing their content,
interacting with them and meeting them, only fueled my passion even further. The tight knit community, skills and the creative outlet I find in nature, is what keeps me happy and moving forward.