March 18, 2022 1 min read

New-old collaboration Roselli x Kasperi

At Roselli we believe the things we produce should last for a lifetime. One knife for life. In 2020 we started conversations with Kasperi - a Finnish manufacturer of handmade leather bags. We found that we shared the same values about consuming less and buying better and this realization led to the popular collaboration the Explorer set. 

We have now come together again to create the Explorer Set Mk II. The much-requested rerun now includes the new Kasperi Puukko handcrafted by Roselli, a vision of the quintessential Finnish utility knife. With the Kasperi x Roselli Explorer Set Mk II you'll be prepared for a life off and on the beaten path.

All the products we create at Roselli and Kasperi are unique in their own way, but from time to time something truly exclusive comes up. The Explorer set Mk II is one of these products and is only produced in 20 editions, of which 10 are available with us.

The explorer set Mk II includes:

  1. Kasperi Fold Top-backpack from whitetail deer leather w/ two utility straps for attaching the axe. 
  2. Kasperi Puukko 4" knife made by Roselli, stained curly birch handle, and Kasperi custom made knife sheath.
  3. Roselli axe, short, stained birch handle and Kasperi custom made axe sheath.
  4. Kasperi x Roselli Firesteel, stained curly birch handle, and Kasperi custom made sheath.

 Discover the Explorer Set Mk II now!

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