May 31, 2021 2 min read

Introducing - The Roselli Refurbished Program

We’re not saying we’re saving the world, but nonetheless we’re proud to present the Roselli Refurbished Program where you’ll be able to give new life to your knife.

Our aim is to do good together and we hope that our Roselli Refurbished program can help you to do good, not just for yourself but for the environment and future generations to come. Maybe our initiative will inspire you to work more with sustainability in your everyday work, and in that case we’re satisfied. From acorns grow oak trees, right?

Why did we create this program?

We believe that a well-made knife is crafted for a lifetime of adventure. A knife is not made to live its life hidden in a drawer. It wants things. It needs to get out. Get things done. That is why we thought we’d give you the opportunity to give your Roselli new life and to be resold through our Roselli Refurbished Program.

Interested in selling your old Roselli or buying one? See more here!

It’s because we understand that no one is completely immune to new gadgets when you face life's many unpredictable changes. So we made it simple for you to replace your Roselli with a new one (without leaving too much environmental footprint).


Roselli Hunting Knife being refurbished


How does it work?

All you have to do is send your Roselli to us. We will repair it, polish it and craft it anew. Ready to be recycled and resold in our Roselli Refurbished Store. As a thank you, you will receive a voucher of agreed value for your recycled Roselli.

You have now passed on your Roselli and made it possible for another person to buy their own one knife for life. Because great knives never die. Thank you!


Visit the Roselli Refurbished store


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